Sheffield United's Angelo Capello part of Belize side held up by armed gunmen

The 19-year-old midfielder was on the Belize team bus when it was stopped by a gang in Haiti's capital Port-Au-Prince on Monday

Gunmen hold up Belize national football team bus in horror footage

Belize are ranked 170th in the FIFA world rankings and made the trip to Haiti for a World Cup qualifier during the international break, but it was...
DAILYSTAR.CO.UK Mar 24, 2021

Belize Soccer Team's Bus Stopped by Gunmen Ahead of World Cup Qualifier

The Belize men's national soccer team had its bus stopped by an armed group of Haitian insurgents while traveling to its hotel on Monday ahead of a...

Terrifying moment Belize national team held up by armed insurgents after arriving in Haiti for World Cup qualifier

THIS is the terrifying moment the Belize national team were held up by gunmen. The side, ranked 170th in the world, had just arrived on the island...
THESUN.CO.UK Mar 23, 2021

Belize team bus stopped by armed gang in Haiti

Belize's football federation expressed "disappointment and disgust" on Monday after the team bus was stopped by an armed gang in Haiti.
ESPN.CO.UK Mar 23, 2021

Belize football team bus held up by armed gang in Haiti

The Belize Football Federation expresses its "disappointment and disgust" after a bus taking the national team to their hotel in Haiti is held up...
BBC.COM Mar 23, 2021